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If you want me to be apart of your podcast, You Tube, or any other platform you recognize that your audience needs to be empowered, educated, and equipped with knowledge about how to care for, celebrate, and love neurodivergent people. I advocate for positive changes by encouraging accountability, integrity, empathy in leadership so neurodivergent people have more spaces to celebrate who they are, are supported in their goals, and thrive in every facet of life.

In this context, neurodivergent means Autistic, people with ADHD/ADD, learning differences, and different sensory support needs. Upon being diagnosed Autistic in 2018 I realized there is a great need for widespread education on what it means to live, grow, and thrive as a neurodivergent adult. I bring my lived experience, extensive psychology education, and past experience as an addiction counselor into the conversation.

People reflexively think of an elementary boy when they hear anything related to neurodivergent. They definitely do not think this is reality for many adults in their lives. Surely adults with careers, relationships, social lives, and families do not experience any neurodivergence (sarcasm). This is where all of those reflexive thoughts change.

The world needs more education from neurodivergent adults and by co-creating a media appearance for your audience you are making that happen.

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