Francine Ayala

Women Empowering Women Living Authentically & WEWLA Connects

Founder, President, Independent Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie at my 2022 Women's Empowerment conference and we have been connected since. She brings joy and peace to every situation. She's always willing to be part of our team at WEWLA and share her own knowledge and expertise. I am truly grateful for her sincerity and drive to support women in the mental health space. She is truly a gem.


Kimberly Archie

Paul's Ice Cream Company, Cheer Safety Foundation, Litigation Consultant, Published Author, Public Speaker, CTE Advocate

Founder, Multi-preneur

I have known Katie for two years and know her to be a dynamic leader of the online Facebook group Ladies of Los Angeles. She cares deeply about her work and it shows with everything that she does. I highly recommend her.


Lauren Fractor, LMFT

Ladies of Los Angeles, Dope Sh!t My Therapist Says, L

Founding Admin, Podcast Co-Host, Mental Health Clinician

As a member of my moderator team for my social group and business "Ladies of Los Angeles" Katie has proven to be a wonderful team player. Katie is flexible, caring beyond words, and puts her time and energy into the people and communities she loves. Working with Katie the past two years has been an absolute pleasure and she is an asset to my team.


Laura Sgro, LCSW

Ladies of Los Angeles, Private Practice Owner

Co-Moderator, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I work with Katie as co-moderator for Ladies of Los Angeles, a social group and business for women in LA to come together for community, support, and resources. Katie is incredibly kind-hearted, passionate, often going above and beyond to ensure that members feel heard and supported. Katie is a fierce advocate and really cares about everything she puts her energy into. It's been wonderful to get to know her as a teammate, peer, and friend.


Jennifer Soriano-Beluyot

"Ms. Monrovia" Real Estate

Real Estate Leader in Southern California

From the first moment I met Katie I felt her warmth and kindness. Whether it's in conversation or just sitting together in stillness, she has an amazing gift of being present in the moment. She has an uncanny ability of understanding me even when I lack words to describe my own feelings and lets me know that's okay to. I am extremely fortunate and blessed to know Katie as my friend and confidante.


Debbra Sweet

Thrive Right Consulting, Cher'D Rocks (San Diego Cher!)

Founder // Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach // Artist & Performer

I met Katie in June of 2022. It has been a joy to see her in action on a regular basis. Katie's vision for her company, Hope Reignited Consulting is innovative, refreshing and creates a safe space for adults to receive genuine, experiential and skilled support for themselves or for others they interact with.

I'm a mom and wife and both my son and husband have Asperger's. Prior to my understanding of the impact of their neurodivergence, life was often ...complicated.

Being able to work with Katie on a weekly basis, her perspective of living with neurodivergence, along with all of her schooling, is priceless. Katie has a way of communicating that is so thoughtful, thought provoking and heart centered. She's strong, yet highly aware of how to best support those who hire her.

Katie is one of the most forthright, honest people I've ever met. She truly values healthy relationships and understands the impact of having conflict resolving conversations that allow you to preserve your dignity along the way.

I'm always a fan of hers. I have already started referring to her to those I know who will benefit from her skills, heart, and knowledge. Katie is a gem. Be sure to connect with her.


Jennifer Mollineda

Independent Health Coach

Certified Functional Health Coach

I met Katie in 2021 through Ladies of Orange County Virtual Happy Hour. We both connected right away and ever since meeting I have learned so much about Katie as an individual. She is full of compassion, integrity, great listener, positivity, outgoing spirit, and is a person whom I truly admire and trust. Katie has so much passion for not only her clients, but her studies, and her interest in others wellbeing is phenomenal. Katie is a passionate person and has been a wonderful friend who has supported me in attending my health events and is a great referral advocate. Together we have met women entrepreneurs and continue to grow mindset wise and encourage those who pass our paths. I am very blessed and fortunate to have crossed paths with Katie.


Lani Moreno

MAZON, A Jewish Response to Hunger

Development Associate

I have known Katie through her administrative work at Ladies of Los Angeles for the past three years. Throughout our friendship I have witnessed Katie's unwavering dedication, exceptional communication skills, and remarkable problem solving abilities. Her integrity and ethical conduct are unquestionable. I whole heartedly recommend Katie as a psychology based mental health coach/consultant. She will provide expert guidance, strategic advice and unmatched professionalism to her clients.


Cara Nissen M.S.,

Certified Life Coach, Educator, Chronic Illness Warrior & Advocate

Mt. Saint Mary's University Educator & Independent Life Coach

Katie is compassionate and cares deeply about empowering others. She's a bright light in this world that can be scary and overwhelming. A friend to us all. She is passionate about supporting others in their mental health journey. I'm so grateful I can call her a friend and know I can count on her anytime. Katie also has a very calm and friendly presence and immediately lights up any room. I'm so grateful to know her.


Luz Hernandez

Y.E.S. Girl Life Facilitator

Independent Life Coach

Katie is a heart centered woman who puts her gifts to support others in their healing journey. She makes me feel safe, loved, and supported at all times. I got the opportunity to meet her at a WEWLA networking event where she shared with me that inspires others to create a better life for themselves and I can see that for her. I'm grateful to know her and see her bloom by doing what she loves. Keep shining brightly!


Emily June

Emily June Consulting


I didn't even really know what to expect but Katie provided a very comfy and supportive getaway. From the first iced coffee on arrival to the last hot coffee of the day I felt cared for and supported the whole way through (yes I measure life in cups of coffee sometimes! LOL!)

I never realized how calming it is to my nervous system to get out of the city and hear the breeze & the wind wrestling in the trees. Making sure we were both fed well and feeling good made the work together time very productive and not grueling at all.

Even when my needs diverged from the planned itinerary, Katie was so gracious in providing space for me to rest.

I'm leaving here with a renewed understanding of my needs and a renewed trust in others. I am starting to believe that there are others out there that understand and genuinely want to support me.

I am thankful for Katie's caring and mindful hosting. I am excited to continue watching her grow and evolve with this new path she has created.


Karen Hoffman

Functional Health Coach

Independent Business Owner

From the time I have known Katie I have nothing but good to say. From the first day I met her until now, I ALWAYS feel welcomed and supported. I enjoy her because she is loving, honest, creative, and thinks of ways to bring out the best in others as well as herself. I'm looking forward to seeing and being apart of her future. She is a special light in this world, it is a blessing to be apart of it.


Mavis Lamb

Intuitive Story Wrangler

Mambo Productions

Katie has a superpower of being always present. Whether on the phone, an online meeting, or in-person she is fully engaged with the people around her. That's a rare quality these days and I beliegve it's one of her keys to success. She listens deeply and truly hears what others say. Then she responds with an insight beyond her years. Katie is that dream team player who is able to read the room, support a variety of opinions and feelings, and aways get the job done.


Jacquie Ingle

Digital Diva // Photo Solution Specialist

FOREVER Ambassador

Katie Green is a young woman with wisdom way beyond her years. She is kind and loving but also knows when and where to set boundaries. I admire her creativity and ability to communicate through her art and words


Linda Zepeda

Bibi's Beauty Salon

Hair Stylist & Extension Specialist

I have known Katie for almost three years through Ladies of Los Angeles. She is an amazing person. She's caring, genuine, and a great business connector. Katie knows many different people in different businesses .She will be able to connect you to the right people and businesses you need. I highly recommend Katie as a mental health consultant/coach.


Jenny Goldberg

Makeup Artist

Independent Business Owner

I've known Katie for almost two years now through Ladies of Los Angeles. She has never been short of beaming with positivity and kindness since the moment I met her. She is the type of human to show up when nobody else does. A light through darkness. I've only ever experienced unwavering support from her. I feel truly lucky to call her a friend.

Social Media Perspective

How do I schedule an appointment?

Click my Calendly link to a consultation and we will find what works best for you.

Where do you work?

I have flexibility in terms of work location. I may work virtually from home or go to clients. I am based in Irvine California and service six counties within Southern California. Since I am not in a clinical context I am able to go to homes, workplaces, or (when there is a release of information) I may join them for important take-care-of-life appointments such as psychiatry, DMV, meetings with their employer, etc. Also, since I am not licensed I am not limited to California residents only.

What theories do you draw from in your work?

Although I am non-clinical I do have extensive psychology education and have chosen theories that give a great frame of reference when working with others. These include, Rogerian (Humanistic), Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (specific ally self-soothing, distraction, and radical acceptance).

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